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Sketchbook page - Lizard man side profile

Copic markers, Polychromo pencils, PITT pigment marker, Uniball white pigment pen, Pentel Stylo, PITT artist pens, Strathmore tone paper

Sketchbook page - character

Copic markers, Polychromo pencils, PITT Artist pens, Uniball white pigment pen, PITT white pigment marker

Sketchbook page - Gobbler and Deep Dwarf

Copic markers, Polychromo pencils, PITT white pigment marker, PITT Artist pen and Uniball Signo Broad White - Pigment Ink on Strathmore Grey Tone paper

Gobbler face in pencil

Gobbler face done with Copic warm grey markers, Polychromo pencils, PITT Artist Pens, Pentel fine liner on Strathmore Grey tone paper

Wood and stone- Marker  Material Exploration

Space Vikings helmet exploration

A sketchbook page of exploratory drawings for space Viking helmets.

Perspective drawing with Copics

Perspective drawing with Copics

Landscape for Angie

Copic markers on Bristol.  This was a Mother's Day gift for Angie this year.

Sketchbook - Temple- Sadrin prop kit for tabletop models

Copic markers, polychromos, tone paper, PITT white paint marker

Prison mice

Space Marine


A cast of characters

My concepts from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

These images are concept art I produced for Wrath of the Lich King by Blizzard Entertainment.
The top image was for dragonblight.  The middle and lower image were both for Sholozar Basin.
All images are own d by Blizzard Entertainment and used with permission.   They were first printed in the Wrath of the Lich King Collectors edition art book except for the last image titled Sholozar obelisk which was first published on
This is the page it appears on.

15 minute paint sessions- subjec tribesman

15 min painting sessions over the course of 4 days 

Sketchbook page - The Crooked Donkey Tavern and Boarding house

Sketchbook page - last night I had a chance to do the colors on this sketch from last week and here it is.  Interior with warm light from torches or a fire coming from the left and cool blue light from outside. It's definitely heavily influenced by comic book and rpg art.  This was loads of fun to make.   Pencil sketch to start, Prismacolor pencils, Copic markers, Prismacolor Markers, some neat Pentel Brush pen- literally has a bristle brush for its tip, Copic fine liners, PITT white pigment marker, Strathmore tan pigment paper 5.5" x 8.5"

Sketchbook page - Prismacolor blending exercise

Prismscolor pencils, Finesse color pencil blender, Copic markers, PITT White Pigment marker, Uniball white gel pen, Strathmore tan tone paper