Sketchbook page - pencil rendering of face in profile

My Copic markers always bleed through the Strathmore Tone Paper and I forgot to put in a blank to stop it hitting the next page and so I had a some ink stains to start with on this page.  I thought I would just do some quick pencil drawing for a face sketch and got carried away until I had this rendered pencil drawing.  So completely out of my comfort zone here is a drawing done with Prismacolor Premiere Drawing leads HB, 3B and 6B in a “SCOTT” B72 Lead holder along  with a Tombow MonoZero Elastomer eraser and a Staedler Mars Plastic eraser on Stratholme Tone Paper Gray

Test run on my new dry media easel - new sketch on an old sketch book page

Copic markers both sketch and wide Cold Gray 1-8 Copic multiliner Polychromo pencils white and cold grey 1 Strathmore tone paper gray Artist’s Loft All media flat surface easel

Sketchbook quickie - Accidental mustache

Copic Sketch Markers Warm and Cool Gray PITT Artist Pen White Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Strathmore Tone Paper gray 
One of my Copics leaked and dumped a bunch of ink on the upper lip of this guy. So he got a big bushy mustache which worked out well for this particular character. Happy accidents

Sketchbook page - Lask rune blade

Copic markers - Cool and Warm Gray 1-9  Copic Wide 110 PITT Artist Pens Black XS, B and White 101 Pentel Stylo  Uniball Signo White Gel Polychromo Pencils

Sketchbook page - The Lask

Copic markers Warm and Cool Gray 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 Copic Wide 110 PITT Artist pens Black Brush tip and White Broad tip Pentel Stylo Uniball Signo White Polychromo White pencil  Strathmore Tone Paper Tan

Sketch book - page The Wizard of Lorn

Copic Sketch Markers - Cool grays Copic Sketch Marker - Black 110 Copic Wide Marker - Black 110 PITT Artist Pen - White Polychromo pencils - grays and white Uniball Signo White Pentel Pocket Brush Pen - Black Strathmore Tone Paper - Gray