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Sketchbook pages - Threyan Stone Men

Strathmore Tone Paper Tan  Copic Wide Marker 110 Copic markers Warm gray W1 W3 W5 PITT Artist pens Uniball Signo White Pentel Stylo Polychromo white pencil
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Sketchbook Page - AHLMEN ELDERMAN

Copic Warm Gray markers, PITT Artist Pens, Polychromo white pencil, Pentel Stylo, Uniball Signo white, Copic Multiliner .05 gray, Strathmore Tone Paper Tan

Post it note sketches - Characters

Sketchbook page - Threyan

Strathmore tone paper Tan Uniball Signo White Polychromo white pencil PITT Artist pens Copic Markers W1 W3 W5 Copic Wide Marker Black

Sketchbook page - Warden of Glen Mauren

Copic Markers W1, W2, W3  PITT ARtist pens Polychromo white pencil Uniball Signo white  Strathmore tone paper Tan

Sketchbook page - BAKARA War Leader

PITT Artist pens, PITT White pigment marker, Copic Warm Grey Markers, Pencil, Uniball White pigment, Polychromo White pencil, Strathmore Tone paper tan

Sketchbook - BAKARA tribesman

PITT Artist pens,  PITT White Pigment Marker,  Uniball White pigment pen,  PolyChromo white pencil, Copic fine liner pen,  Strathmore Tone paper tan