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Sketchbook page - The Lask

Copic markers Warm and Cool Gray 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 Copic Wide 110 PITT Artist pens Black Brush tip and White Broad tip Pentel Stylo Uniball Signo White Polychromo White pencil  Strathmore Tone Paper Tan
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Sketch book - page The Wizard of Lorn

Copic Sketch Markers - Cool grays Copic Sketch Marker - Black 110 Copic Wide Marker - Black 110 PITT Artist Pen - White Polychromo pencils - grays and white Uniball Signo White Pentel Pocket Brush Pen - Black Strathmore Tone Paper - Gray

Sketchbook page - Color - Feydan Sorcere

Copic Sketch Markers - W1 W3 W6 W8 W9  Uniball Signo White Derwent GRAPHIK Paint markers Polychromo Color pencils Pablo Color pencils Micron 02 Black Strathmore Tone Paper Gray

Sketchbook page - Mage

Copic Markers W1,3,6,9 Uniball Digno White Strathmore Tone Paper gray

Sketchbook page - Gobbler in simple but fashionable hat.

Sketchbook pages - Threyan Stone Men

Strathmore Tone Paper Tan  Copic Wide Marker 110 Copic markers Warm gray W1 W3 W5 PITT Artist pens Uniball Signo White Pentel Stylo Polychromo white pencil

Sketchbook Page - AHLMEN ELDERMAN

Copic Warm Gray markers, PITT Artist Pens, Polychromo white pencil, Pentel Stylo, Uniball Signo white, Copic Multiliner .05 gray, Strathmore Tone Paper Tan